Solitaire Klondike - The HTML5 Patience Game

Welcome to Klondike Solitaire, a patience game played by millions all around the world. As a classic single player game, Klondike Solitaire challenges your brain and your patience alike.

The goal is simple: you need to build four stacks of cards with the same color and in an ascending order from Ace to King. Sounds easy, but requires a little bit of strategic thinking and forward planning.

How does Klondike Solitaire work?

In general this is your regular Solitaire game as you know and love it. Let’s check the overall premise of the game.

1. You have 7 piles of cards which are the main table

2. There are 4 piles of cards on top of the screen which are empty in the beginning. This is where you have to build your final stacks, from Ace to King.

3. The stock pile contains all cards that are not laid out on the table. You can take any of the cards from the stock pile and use them where they fit.

You must now use all available cards to build sequences in a descending order and alternating colors on each of the seven piles that make up your main table. For example, if a red 10 is laid out, a black 9 has to follow, then a red 8, a black 7 and so forth.

If you come across an Ace it has to be placed on one of the 4 piles above your main table. The four Aces are the foundation of the stacks you need to build up. Here you must stack the cards in an ascending order of the same color. So a stack must for example start with the Ace of Hearts and end with the King of Hearts. Same goes for the other three stacks. But in order to do that, you must first find and lay out all these cards.

Once you come across a card that would be the next on one of the four foundation piles, you can tap it and it will be send there automatically. For example, if you see a 2 of Spades, you can tap it and will go right on top of the Ace of Spades. Very simple in theory, but uncovering all necessary cards is a bit of a challenge.

Game controls

Now this is as easy as it gets. The cards are dealt automatically. All you have to do is tap on the cards that you can use and they will automatically fly to the right spot. Similarly you tap on the stock pile to uncover its cards.

Game variations

You can play the classic version of Klondike Solitaire or make it even more interesting by choosing Vegas Solitaire. That is basically the same game, however you play with (only virtual) coins and try to play your way into the profit zone. You start out with a few virtual dollars of debt and earn money every time you place a card on one of the four foundation piles. This gives Vegas Solitaire even more excitement than the regular version.

You can choose the Vegas Solitaire version by heading to the options menu (the little gear wheel) and then tapping on the Dollar sign.


And while you’re in the options menu, why not change the look and feel of Klondike Solitaire to your liking? You can change the design of the front and back of the cards independently from each other. And if you don’t like the classic green Solitaire table, why not choose red or even a concrete floor, if you learned your Solitaire skills on the streets of your home town?


  • Klondike Solitaire and Vegas Solitaire
  • Completely free card game
  • Fantastic different card designs and tables
  • Undo functionality
  • Hint functionality
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